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Did you Know Miss #Merkel ? #Russian #military to #drill #enemy #defenses with new #gliding #bomb #Russia #Airforce #SOT

Russia’s military is about to adopt a state-of-the-art aerial bomb, called ‘Drel’, or drill, which can be dropped by a bomber without entering an enemy’s airspace, due to the weapon’s ability to glide for dozens of kilometers.
The head of Russian munitions developer Techmash, Vladimir Lepin, described ‘Drel’ as a “gliding bomb cartridge with a caliber of 500 kilograms, equipment with self-targeting combat elements.”

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#Shrewd and #mature #NorthKorean #Leader has #won this round – #Putin on #peninsula #crisis #NorthKorea #RocketMan

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has emerged a winner in the latest crisis around the Korean Peninsula, Russian president Vladimir Putin said. He believes Pyongyang is now trying to defuse tensions.
“I believe, Mr Kim Jong-un has certainly won this round,” Putin told journalists at a meeting with the Russian media. He said North Korea has achieved its strategic goal.

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#FLU #Europe #UK Maybe soon #USA #CDC : What Is The #AussieFlu #H3N2 ? This Dangerous #Strain Is Starting To #Spread #Outside Of #Australia

Currently, H3N2 is in the news again because it appears to have hit the UK. On Monday, The Telegraph reported that flu-related hospital admissions in the UK nearly tripled within a week, and one in four of these patients had caught H3N2. Health experts have cautioned against panicking, though, pointing out to the BBC that an increase in flu infections is to be expected this time of year.

That being said, this doesn’t definitively mean the U.S. will have similar problems with H3N2. The flu season in other countries is merely an indicator, not a surefire predictor. Furthermore, medical experts still recommend getting the flu shot, which protects against multiple strains. The CDC states that the vaccine is the best way to prevent coming down with the virus, even if it has already hit your community. Aside from getting the vaccine, you can also reduce your chances of catching the flu by washing your hands frequently and staying away from people who are ill. Otherwise, you might find yourself laid up for a week with nothing but the television to keep you company.

Ein besonders aggressiver Grippe Virus H3N2 aus Australien Genannt AussieFlu breitet sich in Europa aus.

Zur Zeit berichten englische Medien verstärkt über einen massiven Ausbruch des Grippe-Virus H3N2. Die Medien sprechen von der größten Grippewelle der letzten Jahrzehnte. Der Virus wird im englischen Sprachraum als Aussie Flu bezeichnet, da es sich um denselben Stamm handelt, der in letzter Zeit große Probleme in Australien verursacht hat. Dort wurde von 170.000 gemeldeter Fälle berichtet. Der Grippevirus hat sich bereits in fast allen Gebieten Großbritanniens ausgebreitet. Die englischen Krankenhäuser stehen unter einem enormen Druck, da das H3N2-Virus besonders gefährlich ist und gerade bei älteren Menschen schwere Grippefälle verursachen kann, die im schlimmsten Fall tödlich enden.

#OpEdge : From #Russian #meddling to #Iran #regime #change : #Socialmedia as #tools of #US #policy

As US-based social media companies crack down on dissent at home in the name of fighting phantom ‘Russian meddling,’ Washington seeks to leverage them for regime change in places like Iran.
If social media platform Twitter can ban German AfD politicians for incitement (of race hate), then why doesn’t it apply the same sanction on President Trump over his incendiary comments regarding Iranian protests ?

#US #health #agency #schedules briefing on #nuclear #war #preparedness #CDC #USA #Northkorea #RocketMAN #Trump #MAGA #SOT #TCOT

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will hold a meeting to review the nation’s preparedness to deal with a nuclear event amid the ongoing mutual exchange of threats between Pyongyang and Washington.
“While a nuclear detonation is unlikely, it would have devastating results and there would be limited time to take critical protection steps,” the CDC said announcing the discussions on America’s preparedness to manage a nuclear attack. “Despite the fear surrounding such an event, planning and preparation can lessen deaths and illness.”

The #Enigma of the #Nazca Lines #Peru : #Strange #Theories and #Unanswered #Questions

The Nazca Lines of Peru remain one of history’s most fascinating mysteries. They still mystify despite numerous attempts to unfold their secrets. Who designed and constructed the Nazca Lines, and why? How was it possible to make such accurate, large-scale drawings on the ground without using an airplane to check from a height? These key questions remain unresolved……

#Viruses #Sleeping in #Mummies Could #Ancient #Corpses Lead to #Modern #Epidemics ?

Forensic scientists have discovered that ancient viruses and possibly other potential pathogens can remain dormant within the bodies of mummies. This leads to the question of whether investigation of mummies could accidentally bring back long dead diseases…